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Originally Posted by John Hodson View Post
I can actually replicate the look of those screencaps when I (a) stand *real* close to the screen and (b) freeze frame, which indicates that there has indeed been something going on in the digital jiggery-pokery department. But I have a solution.

I won't do either (a) or (b).

After wrestling with this for a few hours since watching the film through last night, I don't think there's any doubt that DNR has been implemented. Now, am I about to return the disc and announce to the world that I'm sticking with the DVD? Not that it would amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world, but am. I. Buggery.

Although this is no Walkabout in terms of transfer, and on reflection it could probably could be better (though 'better' is subjective I hastily point out; I had to (a) and (b) above to set off any alarms other than a bizarre niggle that it appeared simply too perfect), I'm not going to drown myself in a sea of angst about this. I'll leave that to others more technically proficient.

I've been through this once with The Searchers and never again; I took the position then that I know it's 'wrong', but I'm not going to deny myself the experience. A few more viewings down the road, I'll probably take the same pragmatic position with Don't Look Now and just wallow in one of cinema's finest offerings instead of flagellating myself waiting for a 'better' digital representation.

In fact, I know I will. To quote Laura Baxter: "This one who's blind. She's the one that can see..."

Great critique Mike; I'd expect nothing less.
Nice to see you back on these forums John!
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