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[Cinema Review] Triage

Comments attached to the Cinema Review 'Triage' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Opening the Belfast Film Festival, Colin Farrell and Christopher Lee star in a new anti-war drama from Danis Tanovic....

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I don't think the ending had anything to do with being "that easy to get over the past". More about preparing to face the future. The film only encompasses the first few weeks of Mark's return and it encompasses the first few weeks of grieving. Joaquín Morales says to him, we can't pass over our sorrows. We have to live with them. So I think it's inaccurate to assume he just "gets over it" at the end of the film. He's just beginning. The only resolution he has achieved is acknowledgment of what has happened. This does not mean there will be no more tears, no more memories, no more guilt or no more bridges to cross.
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I agree, but it was precisely the resolution of acknowledgement that I thought was too easily arrived at. I wouldn't disagree that the process of rebuilding isn't going to be long and difficult (it relates very much to the situation here in Belfast also), but you have to get to a certain point first, and Joaquín makes it look much too easy. As I say however, the clinical aspect of the psychological process is difficult to make work convincingly on screen, but Tanovic does it well, without bringing talking foxes into it. :)
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