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Fine, somewhat understandably though he looked battered after 20 minutes.

Went flying in for a tackle as well that drew an almost universal gasp.

He then got straight up and carried on pinging around a few good passes, a couple of great ones and by the 3rd time ****** Mark Randall right off (started a run then stopped just as Randall hit the ball).

Assuming that this injury's not going to reoccur too often and he's still got a bit of pace then it's looking good for him I think

Arshavin didn't look too happy about playing at Barnet though...

Highlight of the match though was one of the 'My garden shed' ****** up Gooners next to me making his way up to the TV gantry and tapping on their shoulders to say hello to the commentator and cameraman

Originally Posted by ralph wiggum View Post
You would Pete, you would!
'There was a little resentment you could feel from last summer and I believed he wanted to do well, he didn't find the confidence he had the season before but believe me he's a great player and will show that at Man City'

His words, not mine

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