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DOCTOR WHO Series 5 (1) Production & pre-aired thread *SPOILERS*

As THIS THREAD has now reached the 1000post mark time for a new one.

Anyway here is a brief recap on some rumors from OG , some complete balls while others may be a bit more accurate:

RTD leaving and Moffat taking over for series 5, some reports say that the series is "tied up till series 9", with Moffat having a 5 year contract.

There is talk that Murray Gold may be leaving the series after the specials too . The story seems to have originated with Eye of Horus who report, "According to a BBC WALES Source, Murray Gold could be discontinuing his (superb) association with DOCTOR WHO after the 2009 SPECIALS, leaving incoming Producers with the task (if not already completed) of allocating another Composer."

The job of producer for series 5 is being advertised by the BBC: contract to run from April 2009 until June 2010.

Rough ideas were being put together for series 5 in May 2008 according to Moffat

SM was writing the first script in July '08 (Comic Con 24 Jul, on withaterrace livejournal). Apparently he started in January! (email from RTD to Benjamin Cook, printed in The Times and in RTD's book)

SM has completed the first episode of the season, it was "the easy part, as I'd written it in my head many times before."
Ed Thomas has read this first script and describes it as "very special".

SM has a broad overarching plan for the season that he's currently refining.
He has had emails from would-be DW writers, including some from "a few quite surprising names".

According to an interview in Death Ray (Aug '08) with Steven Moffat, he expects to write 5 or 6 episodes.
However, given RTD never managed to predict how many he would write, that could easily change.

SM has a broad overarching plan for the season that he's currently refining.
He has had emails from would-be DW writers, including some from "a few quite surprising names".

As of the end of 2008 scripts for episodes 1 and 4 have been written - Matt Smith has read them. They are presumably Moffats - Matt in commenting on them talks about how SM is "a brilliant writer" and adds "a funny writer"

Mark Gatiss gave a talk on TV and film horror that had influenced him at Nottingham's Broadway Cinema. He confirmed that he has been approached to write for Series 5; The Scotsman report Mark Gatiss as "busy writing episodes of the next full season of Doctor Who.
It is reported on this blog that Mark Gattis has been asked to adapt his novel "Nightshade" for series 5 .

Skins writer Jack Thorne is apparently down to write for Series 5.

Gaiman is still on the cards and has been asked to prepare two different ideas. Paul Cornell is likely too.

One of the ideas Gaiman is provisionally working on is the Ice Warrior story.

But some reportssay that the Gaiman/Ice Warriors/"Faces in the Dust" is not happening.
This is confirmed by Neil Gaiman in his blog (quoted in this post) which states that he is not writing a Doctor Who episode called "Faces in the Dust". However he is NOT denying anything else about Doctor Who (or confirming anything, other than dinners with Moffat)

When asked if he'd be writing for Steven Moffat, Paul Cornell said "Way too soon to say"


"THEY'RE BACK"... apparently. We don't yet know what "They" are (assuming SM wasn't just looking for a strong opening line!) (Steven Moffat, DWM 397)

SM confirms that there will not be a series of "Blink"-type stories, "[Y]ou couldn't have a whole series like that [...] You can't have that as the first episode. It's just too grim. So it's different contemplating it from this position, very, very different." The series will also continue to embrace a wide range of tones and genres, Moffat said. Rather than adapting the show to his particular writing style, he looks forward to experimenting with different voices to maintain the show's variety. SM also looks forward to "get[ting] to write episodes that I wouldn't normally write, that wouldn't be expected of me." (Moffat interview, ScifiWire)

SM has said (Death Ray #15, Aug '08,) he thinks the Doctor works best when solving problems rather than fighting armies, that the Doctor has always been a sexy, flirty character, albeit one who doesn't pursue love interests. Also...
It makes no sense, especially when you look at what I was praised for...They'd say "It will be great when Moffat takes over, because there won't be so much romance, there won't be all that soapy stuff, there won't be all this comedy..." But I do all those things, even more than Russell does! And I've got the record for gay jokes. (quoted in this post)
Don't despair of returning monsters in the Moff's reign; "Steven talked about the future in terms of... well, to the extent that I said 'Don't tell me any more!' I want to find out as a viewer. I was even surprised, because I was half-expecting there to be a No Old Monsters rule under The Moff. But no. So that felt good." (RTD, A Writers Tale)

"Zygons. Series 5. Apparently." Some romours say that there will be a zygon companion/alia hiding in human form.

However some reports say that Tennant demands Zygons...he gets Zygons.So they may be in one of his specials.

Daleks have been rumored to feature in series 5 with there story set in Edwardian times, however other reports say that Moffat has apparently seen the relevant posts on OG, and has mentioned to fans that rtd has really done all you can with the daleks and has no plans to bring them back for a while.
As for zygons, he got a hmmmm and a nod.
As for moffs submitted bible, as it were, only a few have seen it.
Basically, what was reported sounds great but it didn't ring any bells with the powers that be.
Also this post mentions rumblings heard previously about the Ice Warriors.
Latest from this post is that SM take on these rumors was "B*ll*x "to most of it.

Note : And in light of all this information, Moffat has delivered his Series 5 plans to people for considerations, feedback, planning etc.... (post, Sept '08) The Moff has presented his preliminary "bible", series 5 stuff is "subject to change but it is the initial outline for the next full series, with a two part opener and a very insidious and, in my opinion, excellent, arc culminating in the finale" (post)

Piers Wenger says that filming for series 5 will follow its usual pattern (so probably July 2009).

A BBC job ad for Doctor Who producer says series 5 is "shooting from July 2009."

There is a distinct possibility they'll film the 2010 Christmas special in April 2010 i.e. immediately after series 5 as they did with the Next Doctor, so that series 5 will not have a Doctor light episode, but maybe an episode where he is not in it that much.

Format and scheduling

Moffat says he has fourteen episodes of Who to do. Since the special at Christmas 2009 will be an RTD special and Julie mentions a series return with thirteen episodes (Julie Gardner, Telegraph), the fourteenth episode is perhaps for Christmas 2010?

Series 5 will be shown in "Spring 2010" (DWC, "The Eleventh Doctor", BBC1, 3rd Jan '09)
- this ties in with dates given by BBC Entertainment News here ((6 Jul 08)) and here (23 Aug 08)

Though there is a rumor that series 5 could be moved back to a January 2010 start.

In the series 4 boxset commentaries, SM says that he prefers two-parters but that this will not affect how he approaches the series although they are easier to write, there will not be more two-parters in the series.
SM has also said that the current pattern of three two-parters was a good balance and it was hard to imagine straying too much from that (post regarding BAFTA Writers: Time Travel in TV Drama and Comedy Cardiff 6th Oct 2008)

The Doctor
Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor (DWC - "The Eleventh Doctor", 3 Jan'09), see here for the BBC answer to "Who on earth is Matt Smith?"

The Companion
Reports that the companion will not have a one-series arc; they are keen for her to remain into series 6, an this hinges on the Doctor-lite episode in series 6 apparently.

Supporting Cast
It has been suggested that casting has started already for series 5 and there will is an unnamed reoccurring actor cast for a reoccurring role (but not a companion).

Anyway the real reason for the new post is that you can have a look at Doctor Number 11; Matt Smith as he is the 2nd lead in Moses Jones; a 3 part story that starts on BBC2 on Monday 2nd Feb @ 9pm."
Moses Jones
Moses Jones, a vibrant and thrilling drama set in the heart of London, stars Shaun Parkes in his first leading role for television. Moses Jones is writer Joe Penhall's first original series for television, following his award-winning adaptation of Jake Arnott's novel The Long Firm (also for BBC Two).

Parkes heads up a cast of new and established talent which boasts Matt Smith, who was recently confirmed as David Tennant's replacement as the 11th Doctor Who, Eamonn Walker, Dennis Waterman, Indira Varma and Jude Akuwudike, and introduces newcomers Wunmi Mosaku and Obi Abili.

The story, told over three one-hour episodes, begins when a wave of violence hits London following the discovery of the bizarrely mutilated body of a man in the Thames. First appearances suggest a witchcraft killing, but the dark reality is more complicated – and even more frightening.

Assigned to the case are young hopeful DS Dan Twentyman and his senior partner, DI Moses Jones, seconded from Scotland Yard due to his supposed cultural links with the local African community. Confronted with a wall of silence, Jones and Twentyman become increasingly frustrated, but all roads lead to Joy, her friend Solomon and the Afrigo Club, where the ex-pat community goes to unwind to the irresistible music of Solomon's band.

As the search deepens, the violence escalates and the investigation grinds to a halt. But one name crops up again and again – Mathias Mutukula, a mysterious godfather figure rumoured to have both terror links and supernatural powers. Forced to ask himself tough questions about his cultural identity, Moses embarks on a frightening quest to track down his man and redeem himself before the community implodes ... or takes revenge itself.

Shaun Parkes is Moses Jones; Matt Smith is Dan Twentyman; Eamonn Walker is Solomon; Indira Varma is Dolly; and Jude Akuwudike is Matthias. Newcomers Wunmi Mosaku and Obi Abili play Joy and Joseph. Dennis Waterman, who plays Frank Costello, a former boxing champion and brothel owner, makes a guest appearance in episodes two and three.

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