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Yes, you can get products which are v v low risk, and ones that are v v high risk.

The high risk ones tend to invest in overseas businesses. They're also typically private.

It has dropped a lot before, like 20 odd % in a week, but picked back up again quickly. They took a large position in Zoom last year which has helped a lot.

I invested in Tesla on the big drop in March/April and then sold again last month. Spent the proceeds with Tesla ironically.

I have a smallish position in Bitcoin and Etherium and Gold. So basically hedged against small losses in any. one place hopefully. Most of it just sitting in a crappy savings account though as psychologically with Mrs Basegreen not working at the moment it is good to have some liquidity.

Edit, I checked it's up around 217% versus what I've put in over 5.5yrs (I keep underestimating time this year ) bit less than the guess but not shabby.

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