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Does anyone sell partially used CAT6 boxes?

Hi all.

I'm planning forward to networking up my entire house, with 4 runs to each room. The quickest way to do this would be to have 4 boxes, and pull them all in one go to each location.

However, buying 4 boxes and using probably under 100m in total seems a bit of a waste. So I'm wondering if any installation companies flog their partially used boxes on the cheap?

Any ideas?

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The installation companies I have worked with have usually written on the boxes roughly how much is left in there each time they cut a run off, and then matched them up to the next appropriate length run, so you get things like "250 180 65 35" written on the front, and generally they end up with only 10m or less left in them.

Definitely easier if you can pull all 4 directly out of the boxes into the run each time though.

Maybe you can stick your spare on eBay and someone else wiring a house can make use of it?

You might also be surprised at how much more cable you need than you expected, by the time you have gone in nice straight lines and cut no corners ...
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ever so slightly off topic, but worth mentioning.

Bear in mind that GB ethernet / CAT5 is only guaranteed for cable lengths of LESS than 25 metres. So try put your "source" in a central location.

I can confirm with my own experience with iSCSI that this is not a myth, 30 meters seems to be the breaking point in my server room.
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