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Bluray? Pah! This is the future of Storage Media - 300GB Disks by end of 2006


Maxell will ship its first holographic storage system late next year, the company has pledged.

The storage specialist will initially offer a removable system based on 300GB media and capable of transfering data at a rate of 20MBps, Maxell said. However, the company said the technology, designed by InPhase Technologies, is capable of achieving 1.6TB per disk - and that's uncompressed capacity - with a 120MBps bandwidth.

InPhase was founded in December 2000 by Lucent, and has been working on holographic storage - in which data is encoded as a 3D pattern written and read by laser beam - ever since. In addition to the colossal storage capacity, InPhase promises a data archive life of over 50 years, not much different to the longevity claimed by most optical media makers - a CD-RW for instance will typically retain data for 20-100 years, depending on which manufacturer you speak to.

InPhase isn't the only company promoting holographic storage. Japan's Optware - which in July won $14m in funding from four companies, one of which was Toshiba; it also has backing from Intel Capital - is working on a DVD-sized holographic disc is says will hold more than 1TB of data with a throughput of 1Gbps.

The format is dubbed HVD - Holographic Versatile Disc - and Optware is already pushing a 200GB HVD-RW disc type through the HVD Alliance, an organisation supported by Optware, Fuji Photo and half-a-dozen or so Japanese chemicals companies. ®
So with storage of this magnitude on the horizon and sony and toshiba still faffing about with their own "twice the capacity (or thereabouts) of DVD" what format will win. Surely they should scrap any pursuit of these 18GBs and 25 GB capacity disks and join forces to bring this 1.6TBs of capacity in as common place! I mean the full Simpsons back Catalogue would fit entirely on 1 of these discs and the complete friends seasons 1 - 10. Offering the likes of that on 1 disk would appeal to me much more than halving the amount of disks needed!
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opinions seem to suggest that this will go the way of betamax as they are currently committed to their own formats and unless that format is used for mass media production it will end up solely as a I high priced drive for network systems backup and the like.
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