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British Digital TV - It's a minefield!

OK, just moved back to England with a Spanish TV that cannot accept English Terrestrial services.

My parents live in Norwich on the outskirts of the city. When they moved here, they entered their postcode into the freeview website and it said that they didn't get the service.

They got a free box with their TV anyway, plugged it in, and they got a full signal!

So I then came to Norwich, and moved into the town center. I went to Currys and asked them if I could get the service. They printed out a piece of paper and it said I could get a full service. I bought a box.

Got it home. Nothing.

Rang around several aerial people, and got conflicting reports. Eventually, the consensus was that I could not get the service at all.

So, I eventually went to Sky and got a half price offer with free installation on a family pack which I am quite happy with. However, I don't seem to get ITV 2 or 3 with this pack. It is certainly not mentioned!

It seems to me that freeview is a great idea in principle, but surely they have to get their act together if it is ever going to take off. I am technology literate, but the whole thing has just been a complete nightmare.

Oh, well - guess I have to put up with no TV for a week until Sky come next Wednesday!
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I'd be suprised if you couldn't get a freeview signal in your area if it is around Norwich. I dont suppose you could ask any Neighbours around the area if any of them have freeview?

Just checked my Sky channel listings and ITV2 and ITV3 are available and thats on the Ł19.50 Package.
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Another site to check coverage: http://www.ukfree.tv/transmitters.php

Checked for my parents down in Devon and was surprised to find they aren't covered as I assumed most places were now. Even some of the major transmitters near them don't carry it.

I don't get why the relays don't bounce the signals though as my parents have a relay not far from them and get an excellent analogue signal.

P.S. Sky Family Pack does have ITV2 and 3. I know because I have that pack. The Family Pack is everything except the premium sports and movie channels and disney (and the odd few bollywood & porn channels )

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Is it a bit of a lottery in getting a service? I am thinking about getting a freeview set for my dad for his birthday, now the freeview site says, should be able to get service but will have to buy a new aeriel. So would be a bit rubbish present to get then tell my dad that he will have to geta new one and pay for installation.

I have tried that link above and he saywhich "you cannot receive Freeview from "The Wrekin" which is our local transmitter but I know a couple of people in and around the area that have been able to get a service. So it would be an even worse present if it was not able to work at all.

Can you go into currys/dixons/etc.. (usually try to stay out of these shops ) and can they give you an answer either way?

Cheers for any help.

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All I can say is that I spoke to an aerial guy this morning and he said that the database used to check coverage is completely out of date and totally unreliable. Curry's and Freeview website (and the site mentioned above) use it, but the actualy installers don't bother.

In my case, the transmitter will not be digitally enabled for two to three years, apparently!
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I live in Swindon in the SN3 Post Code region , freeview websites say i cannot access Freeview, but i can! it's on now!!

I get a little breakup but minimal
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Had this problem with the inlaws! - In Norwich, so I might be able to help!

Their postcode says No for freeview,(odd number housing) but the postcode for the even number housing on their road was a yes - Convinced the signal would not be able to discriminate between the house numbers, I took a chance and bought the freeview box, which worked will all channels available (plan b was to buy a new house number!!)

A little bit of further investigation, shows on the outskirts of Norwich there are two possible transmitters and depending which one you point you will get freeview or not.

A - Mousehold (North of the city) - No freeview services, analogue terrestrial.
B- Talconston (or something similar - dont know the direction) has all the freeview services.

Ariel wiggling required!

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the input! I am actually right in the center (St. Benedicts) and I am Mousehold!

Had a look today at the neighbours sky dish and the direction it is pointing. have a horrible feeling I might not be able to get Sky either due to a badly positioned tree

And my terrestrial is unwatcheable!
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