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Eddie Izzard - Dress to Kill?

Had a quick look through new releases yesterday and noticed this fantastic show out! Anyone brought it yet, is it any different or have any extras from the VHS version I have currently?

Also, I had heard there is a R1 version as well with additional extras we might not get over here, is that true?


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Features are a commentary and Dress To Circle (same extra as on the Circle DVD). There seem to be one or two other little bits and pieces but you'll have to check those yourself on retailer sites to get a better picture; I only checked Play.com and they seemed to vary a little (trivia track on the R2 but not R1 etc.) although they may not be a definitive list.

If they're the same then I'd go for the R1 as it can be had for just over £9 from DVD Soon; cheapest I've seen the R2 is £14.99 (Play/dvd.co.uk/etc.)

EDIT: Just had a scan through of the R1 reviews at DVD-Basen and the only features mentioned were the commentary, Dress To Circle and a photo gallery (which appears to be the same one as on the R2 despite differing names) -- looks like the trivia track is R2-exclusive.


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I received this from Play today and the extra features are:

- Audio commentary on Dress to Kill

- Dress To Circle - a rough cut of a show performed by Izzard in French, with English subtitles. The show takes material from both Dress to Kill and Circle, and is also included on the R2 disc of the latter show, so it seems a bit pointless to duplicate it here - although, to be fair to Universal, both discs highlight on the cover that this feature is replicated on the other release.

- Audio commentary on Dress to Circle - again, this was included on Circle R2 as well.

- America 1998 photo documentary

And seemingly R2 exclusive...

- Dress to Kill subtitle trivia track
- A weird little booklet-chapter list-Eddie Izzard poster hybrid
and additional German, Italian, Norweigan, Dutch, Danish and Swedish subtitles (in addition to the English, French and Spanish on both R1 and R2), if that is of any use for any European fans.

I'll take a look at the disc in more detail tonight and comment further - I seem to recall the trivia track from Circle was a reasonable extra, but nothing hugely interesting (and seemed to replicate what was said in the commentary at times), so it might be worth just getting the R1 Dress to Kill at the cheaper price and foregoing the trivia track on the R2 disc.

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