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(Yet another) R1 Playback problem

R2 discs are playing fine, but i have a slight problem with R1 NTSC. Although not massively noticeable, NTSC discs that i'm playing seem to have a slight flickering effect in brighter scenes (by flickering, i mean colour fading light to dark) The discs are still perfectly watchable, but it's something that now i've noticed it, will annoy me. TV set is NTSC compatable, although only 50hz, but i never noticed this problem with my old 50hz TV. Is this some kind of compatability problem, or is their a way to get it rectified easily and stress-free?
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Its a problem with the TV - quite a few people have reported this problem with NTSC playback. I have a Sharp 28" WS TV and get this a lot if I use RBG from my DVD.

I've settled with SVid as the picture is nearly as good and I have a lot of R1 discs.
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