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Never Mind the Buzzcocks...!

New series started last night and whilst watching it, the thought struck me...'didn't this used to be funny?'. A few smiles were forthcoming for sure, but it seems the show has turned into the Mark Lamarr show...and what an incredibly annoying tosser he is!! He takes a mildly amusing one-liner and turns it into a tedious 5 minute tirade, where the only one laughing is him...and the canned laughter track. He can give Brent a run for his money in the disbelieving embarrassment stakes.

...after 10 minutes I had the overwhelming desire to put on a pair of golf shoes and jump up and down on his stupidly smug head

...oh, and while I think about last night's telly...'Dead Ringers' completed an hour of complete crap on BBC2 last night, I can only assume it was better on radio...it makes Alastair Mcgowan(?) look like a total genius...which he ain't! :rolleyes:
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bill bailey, never mind the buzzcocks

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