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Originally Posted by Rob View Post
It does seem a little light on story but the look of the show is incredible. The way the desert or seascapes are blended with the CGI is flawless.
Personally I love how the show isn't afraid to roll out one Western story after another using a natural-feeling Star Wars universe as a backdrop. I'd agree with the lite take but I also think it's incredibly accomplished and confident.
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cliff homewood
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It occurred to me today, all the spin off movies and was always annoyed they didn't use the star wars theme. You've got one of the best theme tunes of all time so you should use it, your not going to write any better. However with the Mandolorian I have not missed it as the Mandalorian theme fits perfectly. Another fave of this production is the use of production art for the end credits. It's a classy product production wise, writing not so sure of sometimes.
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Out for Justice
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Love watching the credits while the score plays.
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I didn't recognise him! I knew I knew the voice, but it didn't click until I saw the credits.

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Originally Posted by Wooglie View Post
My thoughts was that was maybe a setup for a spin-off show continuing her quest

That be most welcome
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Can’t find any other links to this but Weird Al Yankovic posted a montage of the lost animated comedy show that the Robot Chicken producers were making.

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Originally Posted by T4V View Post
Can’t find any other links to this but Weird Al Yankovic posted a montage of the lost animated comedy show that the Robot Chicken producers were making.

I wrote about this yesterday, its been online for two weeks and no one noticed.


In a nutshell, 3x6 minute episodes per show. Star Wars characters facing everyday problems. Set in-between episodes 3 and 4 on Tatooine, Coruscant and the Death Star, so it covers all six films at that point (2013). 39 episodes created with scripts for another 69.

Disney then buys Lucasfilm. They decide that this isn't the way they want people to see Star Wars with a new trilogy coming and the entire show is shelved.

Trailers and a few clips were released online at the time but this leak is a complete 6minute episode that has some good jokes including a dig at Indiana Jones.

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