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Question Xbox One X - HDMI output to 4K and HD devices

Might be modifying my home entertainment setup and have a new Xbox One X and 4K TV to add to the mix. I also have a HD projector which I'd like to use the Xbox on to from time to time. My first thought was to use a HDMI splitter to send the signal to both T and projector, but I'm not sure how the Xbox would like that and am thinking it might sense the projector being only HD only and so the 4K signal wouldn't go to the TV. Alternatively it might send the 4K signal which the projector then can't read.

Cam anyone who has experienced this advise whether this would be the case, and if so if there is any way around it?
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Lee Brown
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In my own experience, devices will choose the lowest output resolution they can detect (via EDID).

I have an Onkyo amplifier with two HDMI outputs, which I have plugged into a 4K OLED TV, and a 1080p projector.

If the projector is turned on (so the amplifier can read its EDID signal) anything connected to the amp will only output in 1080p. I have to turn off the projector, and then I can output in 4K.

I suppose if you had a HDMI switch with absolute separation of EDID signals (which my Onkyo amp clearly does not have) then perhaps you can leave them both turned on?
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