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Arrow Using My Mac Mouse & Keyboard on My PC

I've just conected my new PowerMac G5 and PC up to a switch box so I could use the both on one moniter. It said I could use one mouse and keyboard for both but I couldn't get that t work.

I've just worked out how to connect up the Mac keyboard and mouse to the switch box so that it works on both computers.

I'm finding the mouse works a bit strange on the PC. It jumps a bit and also I've only got the one button.

I was wondering about the keyboard. Will the Mac keyboard work on the PC okay? I'm not sure where the Windows button is on the Mac?

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If its an official Apple KB, why on earth would it have a Windows key on it?
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I use to use a apple pro kb on my pc, just installed applekeys to get some keys to work. The apple key works as the windows key.
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I use AppleK Pro...


All keys work perfectly, volume, eject, all F keys etc even shutdown. I have left command key set as control so no more confusion between work and home as all shortcuts are then the same, right command key acts as Windows key although I never use it.
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Jeez Psycho,
I'm an apple fan boy and the first thing I did was get a Logitech MX510. Those xtra buttons come in handy no matter what operating system.

You have to be the only person in the world to be using an apple mouse on a PC!!! Do yourself a favour and get a decent mouse

I'm not Mac bashing or having a go Psycho, but the whole one button mouse thing is just Apple being stubborn IMO. The Apple PRO kb is the best kb I have ever used tho (good choice on that one).
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