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Darnell was class in the diary room earlier, talking about everyone having someone or pairing off.

Lisa and Mario
Dale and Jennifer
Luke and someone
Rex and Rex
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Is it just me or does Darnell look like Landry from Friday Night Lights...............
Feedback Thread
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Originally Posted by Lorne.t View Post
BB have fixed the noms by now allowing Luke to vote in return for the get out of jail free token.
They obviously know who he'll vote for so it's unfair.
Is this post a joke?

You can claim BB were messing around with the nomination process by putting him in jail and not letting him vote, sure. But you're saying it's unfair that he gets to vote? BB have "fixed" noms by allowing someone to vote? And it's "unfair" because of the voting choices he will make?

Big Brother basically put Luke in jail to test the housemates on whether they would use the "Get out of jail" token on him. To test whether the housemates think everyone has a right to vote. And to watch the ensuing arguments when one of Luke's allies uses the token.
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Originally Posted by GPR79 View Post
Is it just me or does Darnell look like Landry from Friday Night Lights...............

Thank you.

Christ that was bugging me. It is kinda uncanny
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Time for thread 2 I think

Closing - over 1000 posts
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