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After a break of a few months I returned to NSMBWii recently and have been having a blast. It's so inventive, and makes me grin all the time. I'm a decent Mario player, but still there are times when the game is HARD -- but never so much that I don't feel I can get through it eventually. (Lost a lot of lives in worlds 6 and 7 though; world 8 was a breeze by comparison!)

I've beaten Bowser (a fun sequence, but not as tough as I imagined it would be) but am down a few coins. To be exact: there's one coin I simply cannot find, and two secret levels I haven't managed to locate (and by extension, 6 coins I haven't had a chance to look for).

Could a kind soul offer a hint or two please? I don't want to read a walkthrough with its explicit instructions. I'd just like a little hint so I can avoid wasting time in the wrong areas.

The two missing levels are 7-6 and 8-7. I had thought that secret exits were always associated with coins, so if I got all the coins I'd find all the exits. Not so! Could somebody please tell me on which levels to find the secret exits leading to these two? No more detail (until I come back begging again!); if I know the level then I won't spend hours looking in the wrong places (and hence not having fun).

The missing coin is in 6-5:

Thanks in advance for saving me ripping my hair out (much more).

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Honestly I was not enjoying this much, not a patch on the old Marios
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Guest 4466
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I've used some careful Googling (and slow scrolling down the page) to get some answers. The secret exits are in levels...
. And in 6-5, there's

Can't wait to have another crack at it!

EDIT: the secret exits weren't in the levels my timid Googling suggested. Got them now though, and the 6-5 coin. Half of the bonus levels left. This is proper challenging Mario now (although I haven't yet sworn as much as I did for the very last star in Super Mario Galaxy 2).

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