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Lightroom Classic CC v7.2 | February 2018

New update out today, promising more performance enhancements. My top performance tips would be:

- use your SSD drive for all LR tasks (photos being worked on, cache, previews). Every few months, I archive across to my data 2TB drive.
- enable 'Smart Previews' - this used to only work in conjunction with external drives, but now works for everything. Should be enabled by default, imo.

A headsup about v7.1 - the 'Auto' exposure setting now works much better than it ever did (although pulls back too many highlights from the smallest of areas, imo).

Interesting that Adobe seem to refer to bug patches as 'Fixed customer issues'.
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I've been playing with Creative Cloud since I did a wedding this weekend and as I shot it alongside my girlfriend, I've found the collaborative stuff extremely good.
We took way too many pictures and I had an external drive fail just after I'd copied them from the memory cards, which was pretty hair raising. So I've paid the extra 5 quid a month deal for 1TB of space on CC and I've uploaded them there. I hadn't realised quite how well it all integrates now.

I can edit the pictures in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, my phone and practically anywhere else and it all syncs up.
I've also created a collection of Finished Proofs, which I've shared on the web and let the bride have access to...she's a close friend or I wouldn't ordinarily do this. It's pretty cool that she can see them as soon as I've processed them, with no effort from me.
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