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Single and hating it
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The Disaster Artist (2017)

15 years ago, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero made a film together which has now become known as one of the worst movies ever made. I finally saw 'The Room' earlier this year and didn't quite get the cult appeal that it's now earned. I didn't think it was "so bad it's good", but rather "so bad it's really bad but you can laugh at it" territory, but honestly I found it more boring than entertaining.

For all that, it's difficult not to get caught up in the mesmerising weirdness of Tommy Wiseau, and as it turns out the story behind the film is far, FAR more interesting and enjoyable than the film itself.

The Disaster Artist is a film about following your dreams and enduring the realisation that nobody else believes in you. James Franco disappears into the role of Tommy, and there are points where your mind believes he really is him. Dave Franco provides the more relatable heart of the film as his friend Greg and the two of them really make the film come alive.

The script is great, and the comedy is brilliant. Much of it comes from laughing at Tommy and his bizarre behaviour. Behind the laughs, there is genuine heart. Tommy is a man who manages to alienate everybody around him and doesn't really understand he's doing it until it's too late. It's easy to understand why people found him so off putting, but it's a testament to his self-belief that he's managed to work his way into so many people's hearts now. It manages to become emotional towards the end.

I think part of what makes this work so well is because you know it all really happened, and there's a morbid curiosity about how something so incredibly bad and weird came to life. The Disaster Artist is gripping and flows beautifully, allowing you to enjoy the ride. There are a surprising number of famous faces making appearances and the re-creations of scenes from The Room are incredibly accurate.

Easily the best comedy of 2017. It also works as a fascinating film about the film industry and for anyone who has a creative dream inside them. It's a testament to how enjoyable this is that a UK CINEMA AUDIENCE APPLAUDED AT THE END IN MY SHOWING. Unheard of.

PS. Stay for the after credits scene, which is one of the best moments of the whole film.
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Saw this last night too.

There were times it was hard to watch (Im not a fan of cringe inducing comedy), but other times I was laughing so hard.

Quite a lively showing too, with people shouting out quotes from the Room to each other across the cinema. Luckily they stopped before the film started.

James Franco is brilliant in this.
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I saw this last night. It's a good film but my experience was ruined by sitting next to four young, oafish dickheads who thought they were at a fan screening of The Room. They shouted every line of dialogue at the screen, frequently yelled "Oh, hi Mark" at random points in the film, and at one point all got their lighters out and started waving them in the air.

There's supposed to be a hilarious end-of-credits sequence, but I was so ****** off that I didn't stay for it.
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Arthur Fowler
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Great review LHG! Saw it last week and really enjoyed it. Had no expectations going into it and was unaware of The Room. A surprisingly pleasurable evening.
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Caught this tonight, it's entertaining, nothing special and hardly as hilarious as you guys are making out (most of the best gags are in the trailer). Competently directed, adequately acted (I'll never understand the cult of James Franco) but it focuses so completely on the relationship between Wiseau and Sestero that pretty much every other player in the film's production are relegated to borderline cameo status, so you don't really get to know much about the making of The Room beyond the fact that Wiseau was difficult and completely naive to the ways of the movie-making business, which I would of thought would be completely obvious to anyone who has seen the film tbh!

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