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Finally saw this yesterday. Thought it was good, but nothing that made me want to rush out and buy it on bluray when it comes out.
I get the Phantom Menace comparisons at the end. Also the 'normal people getting flung 50ft in the air and still being fine' thing is getting silly now.
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Originally Posted by Mevlock View Post
A quick Google shows me that least 4 of the cast (main cast members too) ARE African.

EDIT: If your a black African American, and it's very much an American film, your identity is very much tied both to the colour of your skin and your cultural background. It's a very complicated and sore subject for many African Americans. Racism is still rife in America and unlike most white people given how many black Americans were ripped away from their country of origin and have, in effect, had their culture and background stolen from them (think how easy it is for a white European to trace their ancestry and cultural heritage as opposed to someone whose ancestor was a slave transported across the Atlantic) the cultural significance of the film is not to be underestimated. At least that's how a black American friend has tried to explain it to me, a white English Northerner
Mostly good points, although I disagree with British people being able to trace their ancestry, we're a complete mix of races from all over
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