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Netnanny type of software and windows accounts help needed please

My friends have just their 8 year old grand daughter a laptop for Xmas, mainly for schoolwork, playing minecraft etc. Running windows 10 pro 64 bit.

Got a couple of questions if anyone can help please

Is there any free software like netnanny they could install to prevent access to adult stuff?

How do I prevent access to specific sites? I seem to recall you had to edit a registry file or something, could it have been the hosts file?

Can I set up an admin account for me and an account for her to use that doesn't have the ability to change any major settings or delete any system files or anything? I don't mind her installing some stuff and deleting things like photos she puts on there herself. I had to spend 30 minutes yesterday turning off voice assist on her fire tablet that she turned on by mistake would like to prevent anything like that happening with the laptop as I know I'll get called over to fix it

Thanks in advance for any help
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Google "Windows 10 parental controls". There's a fair bit built in.
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K9 Web Protection from BlueCoat.
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thanks guys
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Chris Locke
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Also install Teamviewer on it. You can access it remotely which saves travelling! They'll always be something!
With Windows, there are either user accounts or admin accounts. To install most software (which installs in c:\program files) you need access to the admin account.

I'd also recommend imaging the laptop via Aomei Backupper or Macrium Reflect. This gives you a working 'baseline' to go back to if she installs anything/deletes something, etc. Aomei Backupper can be scheduled to do a monthly backup, which is useful... nothing worse that reverting a laptop right back to a baseline 9 months ago, losing loads of software...

There are some 'Reboot and go back to the baseline' software, which they use in schools. There are some free software to does this.
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