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Question Best sound from a 4K disc for audio


Just got a new sound system . Wondering if anyone could recommend their or the very best 4K blu rays they heard so far.

Thinking of you

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To be honest every disc I have watched has had Atmos and they've all been impressive. I personally use http://www.blu-ray.com/4k/ as they rate the picture and sound quality separately.
This place looks terrible in widescreen...
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It depends what you look for in a sound mix. Something like Bridge on the River Kwai or Blade Runner have what I consider great scores.

However if you want something to blast the speakers and bass with friends going wow some of the Hollywood blockbusters such as Pacific Rim fit the bill. Add the forthcoming Transformers UHDs to be in that category. They already do on BD so I expect UHD to be turn up the volume to 12 No Spinal Tap on UHD yet !
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