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Originally Posted by mjb1975 View Post
One event that I think has been glossed over is the death of the doctor - Stamets' partner. Killed by Tyler, with a mild confrontation between the two and no real mention of him much after that. He wasn't like the anonymous crew on the bridge who we see very little of, he was more than that, but clearly not quite a full member of the crew given he was clearly disposable two-thirds of the way through the season. Odd. It made me think he'll come back in some manner - a mirror version, or some weird storyline to fit it in - but nothing up to the end of S1.
He did come back in the vision sequence with the mirror universe Stamets. He was the one who showed him the way out, and they had the short sequence where Stamets decided he'd rather stay with him than escape. And then in the last episode Stamets confronts Tyler about killing him.
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