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Watched the 3rd episode of this & it remains appalling so it officially becomes the first live-action Marvel show that I've dumped.

S1 of Agents of Shield had its problems but was still infinitely more entertaining than this embarrassing ****!
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Shield S1 was every bit as inept as this is. People think more highly of it because at the time it was fashionable to watch and support SHIELD because everyone desperately wanted an extra awesome TV universe bridging the gaps between the cinematic releases. The reality was lousy writing, wooden actors cast solely because they looked good (I'm still not convinced the guy playing Ward is an actual actor, or human for that matter), and scenarios/characterisation so forced I would have believed anyone who told me it was written by some form of Google Bot. If I sat through one more conversation about the ******* "cavalry" ramming down my throat that agent Mei was an inhuman badass I probably would have become the next unabomber. At least the Inhumans seem to have the abilities to back up their hyperbole nor do they keep mentioning how Black Bolt is hyper awesome every five minutes.

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Season one of AoS was ropey as hell, but it was still a lot better than Inhumans.
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Season 1 of AoS was bland and boring but inhumans is just terrible, just because AoS started off bad does not give a free pass to this. Its like they not learned how to start a show off
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