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john white
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Great News! The Crossing is rather good. First episode is a sort of spin on The Leftovers and The Returned with a degree of social commentary thrown into the mix. Steve Zahn, you know the bloke who used to get all the roles Shea Wigham now gets, is a yoga practising Sheriff who finds hundreds of people washed up on his shores. His heroism is impeded by homeland security and things get even crazier when the survivors claim they have escaped from a future where superhumans are culling ordinary people. Natalie Martinez turns up and once the homeland security chief appears you immediately know whether he's a good guy or a baddie. These shorter run series have worked well on network TV and I hope that's the case for this one....

A quick word about Action Team on ITV2. Yeah, I know... It stars the bloke from Murder in Successville and the woman from In The Line of Duty. It is a spy spoof, and dear me if it isn't surprisingly funny. I might just have to get the ITV buttons put back on my telly if someone manages to rid them of Paddy Mcguinness and Keith Lemon.

Station 19 looks dire

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That is encouraging news regarding The Crossing as last year when it was first announced, that did sound like the new Network show with the most potential & it was very surprising that it's not been shown until next month...
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