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Cable in the bedroom with Oneforall sound and audio transmitter

Ive just had cable digital installed in the lounge of the house, rather than pay an extortianate 15 pound a month extra to have another box in my bedroom i went for the oneforall sv1700 sound and audio transmitter. This works reallly well with the signal the picture quality is great, however the remote control doesnt work. I read the instructions and they mentioned that some Pace boxes dont work because of the irda remote. This means nothing to me, does anyone know any ways round this or an alternative system that will allow me to have cable digital in the bedroom and being able to change channel without having to pay an extra 15 pound a month!

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if its a Telewest / NTL box there is no way around it. The boxes use non standard infra red signalling (IRDA as you said) which extenders cannot transmit. Its another box unfortunately
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Thumbs up

You can get these here for Ł64.99 at the moment. Just search for SV1700
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