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Tom Clancy has died

BBC have reported that Tom Clancy has died aged 66


Rainbow Six is one of my favourite books. RIP Mr Clancy
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A real shame. He lost the plot a little over the last 10 years or so - became a bit of a fascist, but he wrote some of my all time favourite books. Red Storm Rising would be in my Top 5.
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RIP Tom, some great reads out out by the man.
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General Zod
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His books up to Sum of All Fears were good, but after that they became increasingly full of foaming at the mouth right wing views and racism.
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Some great books and not forgetting a rather good legacy of games over the years. One of the most exciting next gen games holds his name
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shame he wrote some good books, the last few have been Ghost written so I expect his name will live on in more than games.
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This has to be one of the most morbid years ever for book lovers: James Herbert, Richard Matheson, Elmore Leonard, Ian Banks, Vince Flynn... and now Tom Clancy! RIP.
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Wrote some great thrillers of his time. No holiday in the late 80's/ 90's was complete without one of his books to read.

Still think back to the events of Debt of Honor and wonder how much that had an influence on terrorist attacks in The US on 9/11.
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Enjoyed all the books I read up to Bear and the Dragon I think, when they got Jacks son it seemed to go off a bit, he didn't seem to adapt to a post 9/11 world.

Never read one of the Ghost written ones.

But many fantastic books over the years, really sad to hear he died
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Sad news. I loved his books when I was growing up. They were great reads ... as far as Debt of Honour, after which the jingoism became too much for my tastes.
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Mike Mither
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Sad news, but I never got into his stuff. I think it was during Clear and Present Danger, when Clancy spent several pages describing a military helicopter, which made me realise he and I were on separate paths.
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