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My holiday youtube/blog - robonholiday

Hopefully this is OK to post here.

I have a web site and YouTube channel that I put city break and other holiday videos on. The website features reviews of cities I've visited, including best attractions, restaurants, hotels stayed at etc. Hopefully it will be of interest to some. Bilbao videos/write-ups have recently gone up and Copenhagen will follow shortly.

Web site:-

YouTube channel:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_9..._as=subscriber

A bit more detail

This all started as a bit of fun at a hotel in Spain where we've had family holidays for years - we've become well-known there for doing spoof/comedy videos, but having recently been bitten by the city breaks bug, we've expanded to what we hope are informative videos as well.

Just to be clear, all of this is for a bit of fun - we don't have sponsors, aren't paid and just enjoy making the videos. Hopefully others can get something out of them too.

Funny thing is, although I have my name on the blog and am the stooge who appears in the vids, it's actually my eldest daughter's idea. She puts the videos together and ghost writes a lot of the content for me!
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