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Unread books - how many do you have, what's next and what are you looking forward to?

A light topic for a bit of conversation.

I'm feeling a bit bogged down with stuff right now, so my paperbacks are having to go. I've taken a few bags to the charity shop and have been sorting my unread stuff on my shelf in order to have a clear 'to read' pile. So far I estimate 80 unread books on my shelf (a few of which I read YEARS ago and am revisiting, but mostly stuff unread). It almost makes me wish I had a kindle.

Anyway, I think the ones I'm most looking forward to are books V, VI and VII of The Dark Tower. Had a long hiatus between those - I've almost forgotten previous events.

A few Paul Austers I've yet to read (Inc Leviathan, Book of Illusions). Some JAck Ketchum (Joyride, She Wakes, Right to Life) and Murukami (Sputnik Sweetheart, After Dark). A few post apocalyptic novels (Canticle for Leibowitz and Riddley Walker). Some sci-fi (Ubik, Ender's Game). Some more Stephen King I've missed (Lisey's Story, From a Buick 8) - I've yet to buy his latest. There's loads more, but that's a few of the top of my head.

So what have you got waiting for you - and what are you most looking forward to?
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oh blimey. i have at least 40 on one shelf to read. I am NOT going to count the number of free kindle books downloaded (as you may as wel download if free!)

i do try every so often to charity the unread ones, but too many still survive the cull and are still there years later.

I cant think of any books i look forward to now, though i usually get the new ones by most popular authors (from library now). a New Dan Brown maybe?
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Neil B
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I've currently got 135 unread (this includes photography/photoshop books not just novels though) plus who knows how many free kindle books. My problem is that I always want to read what I've just bought though I did recently read one I got about 8 years ago.

I've also got things like the Rebus books where I've read the first few, picked up the later ones cheap in the supermarket but have a gap in the middle I'll need to buy and read first before getting to the later ones.

I'll probably read Rule 34 by Charles Stross next (unsurprisingly I've only had it a couple of weeks) once I've finished the last few pages of The Name of The Wind.

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Yeah I'm the same - I always want to read the latest stuff I bought. Also the missus is a voracious reader and buys loads of new releases (as well as classic re-releases she's not read), so while she reads a lot of crap, every now and again she'll buy something I want to read which I'll nab of her. In fact the last book I finished was her Princess of Mars - very good and I may not have read it had she not bought it. She recently bought the new Douglas Kennedy, so I'll probably go for that next (once she's done with it) as I like his stuff. She also picked up some Ray Bradbury I've not read. It just adds to the ever growing list.

And I rarely read fiction at home (unless I'm at the tail end of a good book - other than that it's reference books). I usually do most of my 'light' reading on public transport.

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I must have at least fifty unread, maybe more. I used to buy lots of first editions and was a member of the Folio Society, so at one point the number of books in the house was increasing rapidly. We've been having a bit of a clearout recently though and I've taken loads down to the charity shops - including many unread, signed first editions. Crazy really, but the bug to strip out is almost as strong as the one to collect

In terms of reading I mix classics (ancient and modern - eg., Thuycidides, Hemmingway, Wind in the Willows) with a group of favourite modern authors - Russell Hoban, John Irving, Peter Carey, Iain M Banks, Murakami, Tom Robbins, Pynchon, etc.

Currently reading Tom Robbins' Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas,a copy I've had since it was published in 1995

Next up is 1Q84; and I'm wondering when to do my once-per-decade read of The Lord of the Rings, and whether I should re-read Gormenghast first
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Guest 1330
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Loads of unread books on my shelves (and a couple of hundred on my Kindle!) and like CJ I tend to go through from time to time and cull the ones I may have bought on a whim and now really won't read. Probably around forty or fifty books sitting unread here, with quite a lot of non-fiction amongst the novels - mainly wildlife books by David Attenborough, Stephen Moss and Simon Barnes.

I've a few I've started reading but in dribs and drabs: Flying in the Face of Nature by Simon Barnes, Robert McFarlane's The Wild Places. I'm dipping more into the first alongside reading novels on the Kindle as I want to at least finish it before I go on holiday in a couple of months - am going back to Minsmere, where that book is set. Next will be another Simon Barnes, Birdwatching With Your Eyes Closed (about birdsong), probably followed by the Fry Chronicles (Stephen Fry) and Stephen Moss' Wild Hares and Hummingbirds.

Depends on my Kindle reading though but those are the ones I really want to get into soon.
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