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[DVD Video Review] Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid

Comments attached to the DVD Video Review 'Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid' on Home Cinema @ The Digital Fix

Mike Sutton takes a look at the Warner R1 DVD of "Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid", a great movie given frustrating treatment on disc. ...

Click here to read!
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The review and following comments make many excellent points.

Here's the skinny: that despite all good intentions, if each of us edited this movie we'd end up with a hundred different movies. A thousand.

Would the real Sam Pekinpah please stand up?

Sam might not endorse ANY of them.

But to deliberately change or edit even one thing - even colour - based on our personal wants or bias - is completely unacceptable. That it plainly deceiving us.

The overall tragedy is, no matter what, we will NEVER have Pekinpah's movie - what he truly intended.


The Master is dead.

I guess we're lucky to have anythnig remotely resembling his art.

Amazingly .. it's still a great movie.
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