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Doctor Who 5x02 - The Beast Below - ** SPOILERS **

Thoughts? Another good one for me. and next weeks is looking tasty too.

SFX were better this week too. Still can't find any love for the theme.
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Did anyone else of a certain age geek out slightly when the Demon Headmaster turned up?
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Another good episode, although I feel it would have been better as a two parter. Next weeks looks like a corker.
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Another brilliant one, I thought. Dropping a kid down a fiery lift shaft before the credits was a stroke of genius.
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Originally Posted by ajr90 View Post
Did anyone else of a certain age geek out slightly when the Demon Headmaster turned up?
That's who it was! I loved that show and the books when I was a kid.

Another enjoyable episode. Nothing groundbreaking, but it was a lot of fun and had a pretty decent plot. The new look of the show's what really impressed me - looks classic and timeless at the same time.

Best line: "This isn't going to be big on dignity."

Loved the little exchange re Chruchill at the end. Next episode looks great.
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All worked for me. Decent storyline, restrained music, Amy in moist nightwear, ok FX & Smith's Doctor performance was fine.
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The choppy editing suggested there's an extended version in the vaults somewhere. Bits seemed pretty rushed. I like the two leads so far. Some nice lines.
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Enjoyed it. Doctor flipping-out was well done. Less one-liners which was a shame. I guess the tear is the running theme since it was very in-your-face at the end.
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Is anyone else struggling to get this working on the iplayer? It plays the BBC one bit but says the actual show is unavailable after that.
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Alan b
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A good episode that worked on all levels, still don't like the new starting music.

Originally Posted by luffk View Post
It plays the BBC one bit but says the actual show is unavailable after that.
Just checked it and it says the "content is not available".

Last edited by Alan b; 10-04-2010 at 18:43.
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Really enjoyed this - loads of Star Wars references

"Help us Doctor, you're our only hope"

I really like the theme tune - just don't like the cartoon Tardis flying through the vortex
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Cracking ep and really liking the two leads. Good to see him angry too.
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Anyone notice the "Magpie Electricals" nod to the "Wire" episode?
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I thought from last week's preview, knowing it was going to be the space ship GB episode that it was going to be poor. Well it definitely wasn't poor, it was OK. It did seem to follow the familiar Doctor Who formula and I never feel like the BBC sell futuristic societies to make them really believable.

I think it was better than average and this is exactly the type of episode with the last Doctor that would have bored me to death within a few minutes or just been done badly. Would I be doing this episode or Doctor Who generally a disservice by saying, if they can make an episode like this above average it raises the standard of the series as a whole...
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I still can't imagine Matt Smith pulling off episodes like 'Human Nature' and 'Family of Blood', but he's growing on me quickly.

I like his interpretation of the Doctor, and he showed a bit more range than just the madness tonight - I loved him getting angry with 'the humans' and how quickly he's getting attached to Amy (jury in my head still out on her), but I'm really enjoying the new series so far
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I liked the way he summed up the whole timelords issue with "it was a bad day"
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Much as Tennant was pretty good, this was in a different league to the Doctor and Donna era. Smith is back in the Ecclestone mould (although he's making the character his own) and that's a good thing.

And, my god, his partner is hot - and she's so 'real' if that makes sense - naturally beautiful but she could live next door to you.

My 5 year old daughter had a hand over each eye when the nasty dummies came to life and walked out of their booths - and that's what Doctor Who is really about.
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Moffat defies expectations. The quirk of last week was gone and instead this was quite serious.

Tonally totally different from the RTD era. Tennant must be kicking himself.
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Mr Milo
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Brilliant! Enjoyed it all once again. Not that I didn't enjoy the previous seasons, but the feel of this one is so much more "right" - I think it's that it treats the viewer in a more adult way with less emphasis on kind of ramming points down your throat through excessive music etc etc. (I know what I mean even if I can't elucidate it here properly )
Next week looks promising too.
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cliff homewood
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Enjoyed it, always thought the city in space looked ropey (from a credulous SF standpoint, but have since read that there's a famous city in space book by a respected SF author, so what do I know?) and it turned out to be Discworld ropey. SO there's no pulsing from the floor indicating an engine or a heartbeat of a trapped animal? Surely an animal that size you would get some tremor from its skin, perhaps its cancelled out by the buildings on top. Also wasn't keen on the air bubble idea, never been keen on TARDIS door being open like that, but it was serviceable, just like suddenly the Doctors got a phone that a PM can get in touch with him on, surely that goes against preiovus eps where the current PM has been calling where are you doctor, she never tried ringing him? I get fed up with things being added just for that ep, that was two for this ep, Moffat has been guilty of it before with his sudden mindmold ability in Girl in the Fireplace (one of the main reasons why I think that ep is over-rated).

But anyway enough of the negative, it was a darn enjoyable romp with some great dialogue and I am loving Matt Smiths Doctor - so english, and the fact that you don't know what he means by what he says, sometimes saying the opposite of what he means/does - "I never get involved" etc. But whats more than that I loved Liz 10 with the reveal who she is, "I am the bloody queen and that means basically that I rule!" GREAT great line, followed by her shooting her pistols, how cool was that? Was trying to work out where I knew her from, imdb answered, only got around to watching Criminal Justice Season 2 last week and she was a main character in that.

No Prime Minister though? Thought the white haired bloke with the glasses would have turned out to be the PM (I hope he was and I missed the reference, thats makes it more the Britain we know.)
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doctor who, Doctor Who Season 5

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