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When South Park was launched though it was a lot more targetted at kids I think. I know it wasn't a kids show, but it was a lot less adult themed than it is now.
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Swallows and Amazons (first paperback I ever read at primary school)
Stig of the Dump
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Great Glass Elevator
The Chronicles of Narnia
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Good to see Charlotte's Web in there.

One of the best books I've ever read, let alone children's books.

Still remember my teacher reading it afternoon by afternoon when I was 10.

Gobsmacked at the end.

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I read The Faraway Tree to my kids when they were younger... they used to roll about laughing at the adventures of Connie, Fanny and Dick...

Don't think very much of the must read books for teens... Classics have their place but that's a really dated list!
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Think I managed about 20 of them, though most of them were the Roald Dahl books
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books, Child, read

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