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Don't Cry
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Originally Posted by MrHat001 View Post
He riles up people, throws in a few criticisms, adds a splash of insults and then acts like he's taking the moral highground when they inevitably snap back.
haha, perfect description. last nights ep was awesome.
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A restaurant that featured in Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares has gone into administration with £200,000 debt.

Brighton diner Momma Cherri's was transformed into a successful business in the Channel 4 series, in which chef Gordon Ramsay aims to save struggling eateries.
Dang I really wanted to try that (assuming it ever got better and I went up to Brighton).
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How did they manage to go into £200k debt if they were pretty successful?
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delusions of grandeur

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OMG! it's full of stars!
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Originally Posted by 36Degrees View Post
Dang I really wanted to try that (assuming it ever got better and I went up to Brighton).
i tried it when i went to brighton, this was after the revamp about a year ago. thought it was a total rip off. i couple of tiny pieces of chicken and the rest of the plate was filled with chips. just felt ripped-off
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i remember this one from ages ago. didn't they move to a much bigger place but the old habbits crept back in?

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