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avid fan
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Unhappy What the hell's happening with South Park (R2) dvds?

I caught a great episode of South Park, which I've only seen intermittently recently, at the weekend, and it renewed my urge to get hold of as many seasons on dvd as I can.

I've picked up the first 4 seasons, but what's the deal with getting hold of later box sets in the uk????

I thought season 5 was available, but if so that's been deleted . To add insult to injury, I notice that they seem to be churning them out on Region 1 up to season 7 or 8. (I would purchase R1 dvds if I could find a decent deal, but when postage etc is added on they usually end up around £30 for a set )

What's the deal? - I'd have thought that the makers would want to release these as soon as possible, particularly as the show is more topical than others around - seems like the R2 discs have been completely forgotten about.
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The show isn't broadcast on terrestrial anymore and I suppose they don't think there's the demand. The R1 releases can normally be picked up fairly cheaply from the likes of secondspin, I got S7 for under £13 shipped recently
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Guest 541
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I think the earlier R2 seasons are OOP now - S1 is nowhere to be found, and S2 is only available from a small number places.

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Alan b
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Moving to Television & DVD Forum
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Sprout Crumble
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There were rights problems which I believe have now been sorted.
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I also have seasons 1 to 4. Season 5 never got released. If they started up again. I would buy them.
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Guest 57138
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It's on a par of annoyance with Malcolm in the Middle being released
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