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Help: Replacement for SKY+

I downgraded my SKY+ to the absolute minimum package a while ago and pay £10 a month just to use the PVR facilities on the freeview channels.

Now the device has started playing up (skipping sound) on some programs. I've asked SKY+ to look at it but they want a wad of cash to repair it or replace it with a refurb.

Hence I'm looking at my options:

1) is to buy another SKY+ box from Dixons or Curry's. They advertise this at £49. I'm not sure I can buy this without a sub though.

2) A separate PVR. Any recommendations. It has to work with my existing sky+ box (which would essentially become a tuner).

3) Any other options?

I like the season pass option on sky+ so any PVR must have something similar.

Any help appreciated.
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Guest 19301
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change the hdd in the sky+ box
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tivo is an option.
It works fine with Sky boxes, not sure if they would work with Sky+ though
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Tivo is excellent, but will cost way more than £49! If you are content with just a sky plus already then see if you can get a replaement of ebay?
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