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Can I have two broadband providers on one line?!?

I know this is a long shot (and unlikely) but does anyone know if I can have two broadband providers on one telephone line? I am on Tiscali, but my old man uses the net for work, so doesn't want to switch to another provider. Tiscali won't give me a MAC number for some reason.

So I was thinking of signing up to a new one, waiting for it to get connected and then cancel the old one(tiscali). I doubt the exchanges can handle this, but worth a pop.

btw - anyone know a provider who gives you modem access for free whilst you are waiting to be hooked up?
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Guest 3230
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No. But migration should be pretty quick.
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Tiscali don't do migration so there will be a period where you are without BB, for me when i switched from them to Nildram it was just over a week. And I think Nildram give you dialup access too. I think most probably do.
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