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Any UK company who replaces TFT cosmetics? (Casing)

My friend had a little accident with his TFT, basically he has a bookshelf above his desk and you can guess what happened - Something quite heavy fell on top of his TFT and caused 2 dents to the top of the screen and seems to have also 'split' the casing from the screen slightly. The screen is fine (Although needs a good clean!) but he says I can have it quite cheap if it would be any use.

Samsung 172V I think? Doubt Samsung would cover it, would they? Is there anyone in the UK who could replace the casing and maybe give the screen a good clean at the same time? The unit is about 1 1/2 years old AFAIK. Obviously if the repairs end up at say Ł150 then it wouldn't be worth the bother but surely it wouldn't be too hard for somebody that knows what they're doing?

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Contents insurance?
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Originally Posted by paul_caygill
Contents insurance?
Yes - this is classic contents insurance claim but check excesses as value may not be worth it versus selling on Ebay and buying new
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