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Another - 'rear speaker positioning, annoying room layout, all that, etc, etc..' thr

I've just upgraded to an amp capable of DTS EX / ES etc and so I'm thinking of getting a rear centre speaker. Unfortunately my listening poition means that there is no space directly behind it. I was thinking of putting the rear centre in the position of the red circle on the diagram below (and shutting the door obviously ) Will this position create a decent soundstage or will it not be worth doing. Opinions please!

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any chance of putting it above the door frame pointing downwards?
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I would suggest that it would sound a bit unbalanced in favour of the right hand channel, but then room acoustics being what they areyou might find it sounds fine.

Could you not buy from someone who gives a 7 day money back guarantee to try it out?

I think Audio-T allow you to home trial kit, I would think that's worth doing.

Strangely, by way of total non-coincidence my room is very similar to yours, except I sit at the door end of the other sofa, and the room's a bit longer.

And I don't have a window above the sub. Actually it's totally different :confused:
To me, my basement!

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