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Elmore Leonard dies


Legend in my eyes. Loved his stuff since reading Get Shorty in my teens, which still has one of my favourite final lines of any book I've read.

"******' endings, man, they weren't as easy as they looked"

R.I.P. Mr Leonard.
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Re: Elmore Leonard dies

I was just mentioning to a colleague at work who's a big fan that Leonard was ill and when I looked online to see how he was, sadly he'd died just half an hour before.

RIP Mr Majestyk.
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Elmore Leonard dies

I read The Switch, Rum Punch (Jackie Brown/Burke) and Get Shorty years ago. Enjoyed them immensely, but never got round to reading anything else. Might have to rectify that now...

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A truly great writer. RIP
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new forms
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Re: Elmore Leonard dies

Always delivered a good read, great tone that I enjoyed in his writing. RIP.
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Elmore Leonard was also the best writer of westerns, to name a few (I've been reading them the last few weeks):

The Bounty Hunters

Escape From Five Shadows


Last Stand at Sabre River

The Law at Randado

He also wrote 3:10 to Yuma which has been given the Criterion Blu-Ray treatment recently.
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