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The Making of Tron - new self-published book

Just received this: it's a self-published book so while the print quality is reasonable, it's a black-and-white affair throughout so no colour pictures (which is a shame). HOWEVER, if you want a nearly completely comprehensive account of the making of the film, going into near-insane levels of detail about the special FX, this is your baby. A must if you're a fan of the film. It has input from EVERYONE involved in making the film. If you're a Disney fan, the background stuff about the politicking within the studio in the 80s is pretty interesting.

Making of Tron

And at The Book Depository

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i think i will need to get my hands on this
the dvd/blu ray has a rather fantastic making of doc on it (sadly sequel has little) but i find you can never get enough detail on the making of a film like this
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Thanks for letting us know about this - will definitely be picking up a copy of this
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Nice. I'll pick a copy up
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Ace, thanks for posting this anephric
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