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Originally Posted by MICON View Post
We have the capability of playing well, of playing much better. We really need to learn to pass the ball to a player in a better position than we are. I can imagine if Rashford is in a great position to score, & Lukaku is at a poor angle on the side & goes for goal & fails, then Rashford will do the same when the position is reversed. This is not how we want players to behave. Take Messi, we all know he can score from all angles, but he passes to players in better positions, & they in turn often score a goal as a result. The favour will be paid back the next time. Everyone wins. Instead of 'some on here' running me down for my remark, take a look at the game & see Lukaku's reaction, he was well ****** off. The same for other players when they are in good shooting positions & the player with the ball goes for goal at an impossible angle. We know sometimes it comes off, but this is a game of strategy & getting a goal is the ultimate end for ALL players.

Reading that Iím reminded of, what I believe was the fast show sketch, with the chap having no idea watching football

Itís like someone has just taken time to write down football ďfactsĒ
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