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Buffy/Angel official continuations (spoilers!)

Having finished watching the Buffy and Angel TV shows for the first time, I've continued on with the canon comics in which Joss Whedon has been involved.

This official continuation of the Angel television show gets a lot right. The first 12 volumes are collected here, along with the 4 issues of Spike: After the Fall. Interestingly (and perhaps logically) they are presented in chronological order rather than published order. That is we begin with First Night (issues 6-8), then Spike (1-4), then Angel: After the Fall (issues 1-5, 9-12). It's a good thing, as the story makes a lot more sense when read in order.

Whether or not this captures the feel of the show well is debatable. It picks up after the massive cliffhanger to show what happened to each of our favourite characters. Los Angeles in its entirety has been sent to Hell by Wolfram & Hart and there's a lot going on. Characters are changed and the events are far more epic than a TV show budget would have allowed (dragon vs. t-rex fight stands out).

There are moments that genuinely feel right, with the character's voices sounding clear in your head as you read. The problem is that the story jumps around a lot and becomes unnecessarily complicated, and there are moments where you just feel confused as to what these characters we love are doing. I'm new to comic books and it seems that they have a need to move very fast without allowing scenes to breathe. It still remains exciting throughout and manages to deliver some real surprises. Notably

The artwork is just okay and actor's faces are only captured accurately on occasion, other times I had no idea who I was supposed to be looking at. The backgrounds of a hellish L.A. are all rather gorgeous, however.

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I read Buffy season 8 and didn't rate it, so never gave this a chance... Maybe I should revisit...
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