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northern monkey
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Chaos Music

These people have to have the best customer service....they E-mail you to see if you have your disk. They E-mail you with delays. Just wanted to give them a mention.
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Guest 10192
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Have to agree agree with you 100% there from my experience with them. Top company.
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agreed they are a top notch service
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Still here, for now!
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Only had two problems with them in the course of the last 12-18 months. First I asked them to cancel an order within an hour of placing it, but they still sent the DVD's, in separate shipments over the course of a fortnight. I had to pay postage to send them back for a refund. Secondly, I'm missing an order from nearly 5 weeks ago for two CD's, and the emails they send asking about shipped orders quotes 30 days as the waiting period. I emailed them Sunday and have now been told to wait 60 days (late June) before they'll reship the discs! Wouldn't have minded so much if the higher figure had been quoted from the off.

Otherwise I like them. Regular sale items, good range, and generally receive items within 4-7 days maximum from date of shipping.
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