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Will music rights ever get sorted for DVD/Streaming?

I was just wondering why a few certain shows I liked were never released on DVD. Notably the Drew Carey Show amongst others.

Always seems to be something to do with music rights.

You'd think with the lucrative nature of streaming rights and so forth, there'd be some effort made to sort this.

It seems with some of these older shows they've just given up and not even tried. Will they ever get it sorted?
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Its a strange one because I'd have thought with the different distribution models available, there's never been a better time for companies to be able to make money out of old shows. Unless the costs of getting them ready for digital distribution are excessive obviously?

There's also still random movies which you can't buy in any digital form from any of the major companies. So what do studios think people are going to do in that instance?
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Didn't Being Human have a completely different soundtrack when released on physical because the BBC couldn't/didn't want to pay for the rights?
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Ah, that's a good point, the music used in shows can be a very complex factor - was that not why Malcolm in the Middle struggled to get a decent release on physical or streaming?
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