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Quick bump,

I take no one went to see this instead of Rise of Skywalker?
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The latest tale for this bizarre film. Apparently, Tom Hooper was fiddling with the film right up until the last moment, Sunday morning before the Monday world premiere.

Now, the film is receiving an after release upgrade. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Universal is pushing out a new version of the film with upgraded effects at the request of Hooper. Cinemas with satellite can download the new film today with new hard drives sent out to cinemas on Tuesday.
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$6.5m US boxoffice weekend at 3380 locations. One of the worst openings of all time.

A proper Christmas Turkey.
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So how’s this doing financially now? Seems to be hanging in there in the top ten in this country.

Artist Rob Sheridan went to see this on mushrooms a couple of days ago... his tweets are good and then someone interviewed him about the experience.

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How much does a film need to take to make into the top ten in the UK cinema?

Given the relatively limited number of releases at the moment and the push this film will have had I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't require it to be high per screen.
One set of figures I saw suggested it took about Ł1.5k per "location" per day for it's opening, but i'm not sure if that's each screen as a "location" or multiple screens in the same cinema (if per screen that might be pretty good, but if it's per cinema and they've say got 2 or 3 screens and multiple viewings that could be terrible).
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