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Originally Posted by MaxNutter View Post
I can't find much to fault about Hart's performance. Maybe he could have done better with Benzema's effort, but it was clinically placed.

There was no way that Ronaldo's goal was Hart's fault; Kompany ducked it at the last second giving Hart no chance! What was he thinking?!? Defending 101!
Yep, VK was the main culprit for that, plus the ball had quit a dip on it so im being harsh with Hart for it. At most Hart made the assumption VK had it ( which he should have ), if he hadn't made that assumption he might have had a fraction more reaction time to get it.

VK didn't have the best game that was for sure, I get a feeling he was out of sorts being lined up with Maicon and Nastasic so was stretching too much to help cover them as they are a bit of an unknown, that will sort its self out with more game time together though.

Garcia had a good game too, he was very unlucky to get that yellow.

Edit: Just re watched it, Nothing Hart could have done there, it was further away from him than I thought.

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Another entertaining match. Was looking for a win before the game, but can't argue with a point afterwards. Very impressed with Dzeko today, some excellent touches and he put in a lot hard work.

It was good to see our defence getting a bit tighter to the opposition after the Champions League, but even so, Arsenal had control of the midfield in the first half and Carzola was excellent throughout.

Still not firing on all cylinders, but we're adding to the points and are in a reasonable position.
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1k posts reached, continued here:

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