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Anyone got experience of DLNA TVs?


I'm tempted by some of the TVs in the January sales, and have been reading up on DLNA which I'd not heard about before.

As I understand it, the DLNA specification just means a device is compatible of accessing files over the network from a DLNA server - but does not specify what format of files the receiving device should be able to play.

I'd love to get a couple of sets round the house and be able to stream straight from the 2TB of HD films on my Popcorn Hour, direct to a TV without having to buy any extra hardware to go between the two.

I bought one of these cheap Cello 22" jobbies and it's great, it happily plays HD MKVs, the only problem was that it wouldn't play DTS audio, but I've found a program which is converting them to AC3 which works.

I was looking at some of the Sony Bravia "Internet TVs" which support DLNA but apparently they won't play MKV files at all, which makes them useless for me.

Does anyone have any experience of other DLNA TVs and know what kind of files they will play?

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Anyone got experience of DLNA TVs?

mkv2vob is a great little program that repackages mkv files into an mpg container so they can be played on a PS3. There's usually no conversion of the video stream involved though so not sure if it would work. It also does DTS to AC3 at the same time so it covers that base as well.

Best place to find out would be the TV manufacturer's forums I reckon
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DNLA-supported TVs can be something of an emotive subject.

As you've qualified yourself, it has nothing to do with the formats, just a standard that allows a server component to stream media to clients. In my case I bought a Panasonic V10 plasma about 18 months ago. DNLA was a 'nice to have' in my case. However, while it talks quite happily to the DNLA server component running on my Synology NAS server, and recognises all of the streamable files stored on it (pictures, music & movies) I soon discovered that it was actually capable of playing close to bugger-all. Pictures, fine. Music (MP3, WAV or FLAC), not a chance and Movies only in AVI containers (but I'm guessing only certain codecs, because not all AVIs will play).

Personally, with hindsight, I'd suggest that you will be better off with a dedicated box (though by buying a DNLA-enabled TV myself it was something I was hoping to avoid). There are a number of candidates and boxes like the WD Live seem to be able to play pretty much anything you throw at them.

In a recent issue What HiFi I read a news article suggesting that Sony were about to take the DNLA features (media client, BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm and such like) of their TVs and Blu-Ray players and put them in a stand-alone box, though no price was known at the time.

Spent most of yesterday looking for the edition in question because I wanted to see if it had a model number and if there were any additional details available online.

Alas, I seem to have thrown that particular edition in the recycling so I can't tell you any more. If anyone else read the same and knows more, I'd love to know myself!

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