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[News] Twilight Zone: The Movie (R1) in October

Comments attached to the News 'Twilight Zone: The Movie (R1) in October' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Twilight Zone: The Movie on 9th October 2007 priced at $19.97 SRP. Four short horrorific tales are anthologized in this film as a tribute to Rod Serling and his popular TV series.

Presented in 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen ...

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Thumbs up “The Twilight Zone the movie” (1983)

“The Twilight Zone the movie” (1983) arrived this morning. I was unaware a DVD existed till I saw a region2DVD in HMV last week. I decided to buy a region1DVD from play.com as I can’t stand the PAL 4% speed-up.

The picture quality looks brilliant but I’m really listening to is the DOLBY STEREO 5.1 with duel monaural surrounds with conventional LCR and occasional LFE.1 that supports certain scenes.

Most of the bass is covered over LCR with small amounts in the surrounds. I find it a bit top end over the fronts on Jerry Goldsmith score but I can fix that with the Behringer DCX2496 I’ll just make a few trims to fatten up the bass/mid and lower the HF LCRS.

The discrete use of (Burgess Meredith) narration on the opening introduction has his voice panning over LCR with effects that pass over the surrounds.

Prologue: is creepy you don’t expect it Dan Aykroyd turning into some thing and attacking Albert Brooks LOL.

I like segment #4 John Lithgow freaking out and causing panic at 20,000 feet while segment#3 music fades into the surrounds discretely low thunder rumble moves over LCR (at the same time) till a few seconds into John Valentine’s nightmare.

The gremlin crawling around on the wing of the aircraft wow, that’s scary.

I ran chapter 22, time, 81min 02sec though the spectrumlab and was expecting peak within 40Hz to 60Hz range.

Wow this was kinder unexpected as the LFE.1 can be somewhat unpredictable even on some old films. The remix here shows the range extending down below 10Hz so be careful with the level.

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