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I've not seen any of the Shaft films but is that long tubular thingy that Richard Roundtree holds in the posters of the original film some sort of weapon?
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Originally Posted by DM View Post
Remember that movie, a bit of a duffer but oh so 80's
Blasphemy!!! I love that movie. Loads of cool weaponry. Tracking disc throwers, modded Calico SMGs that spit a billion bullets a second (or thereabouts ) and prehensile stabby injectors.

Few more obscure cool weapons are Quigley's sniper rifle from Quigley Down Under, the slicey laser at the end of Congo, and the nasty tooth gun from Existenz.

My all time favourite though still has to be Han Solo's blaster. The scene where the stormtroopers arrive in the hanger and start firing rifles which do bugger all, his "pistol" is blowing massive chunks out of walls left right and centre!
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the 'hand grenade' in the original of Death Race 2000 - David Carradine's Frankenstein.

Or the whole replica guns v's (Vinnie's) Desert Eagle in Snatch
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I quite liked the gun that matthias Hues wields in the dolph Lundgren classic I Come In Peace (aka Dark Angel)
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