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Where can I find the latest....

Without resorting to downloading, on Virgin, where can I find the latest of the following series (preferably in HD) and how far behind the US are they:

Brothers & Sisters
Private Practice
Stargate Universe
The Hills
The City

I'm finding it very difficult to find certain programmes

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i have sky but assuming you mean, on the channels?

B&S, more 4 or e4 not shown series 3 yet, which is on the US, should be Jan

private practice, living just finished season 2, and i assume they won't show Seaosn 3 until they have finished Greys anatomy (start jan, end June)

Bones, sky 1 is showing the latest season on thurs nights, just a week or so behind the US.

House, sky 1 is showing season 6.

So you can get SKy1 on HD on the sky platform, living doesn't have HD, more4/e4 don't either, byut channel 4 does if they show B&S on there as well.

a starting point at least!!
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oh yeah...thanks CJ....and Greys was the other one...lol

I can't get Sky HD on Virgin...but I do get LivingHD

Basically the other half wants to carry on watching what she was watching in the US...so I got cable

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Find, latest....

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