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Anyone got a Windows Home Server?

Just wondering as I just got an HP MediaSmart Home Server and having difficulty getting the online remote access to it working.

Keeps failing the connectivity tests on my router despite having the proper ports forwarded (even DMZ'd) and having enabled uPNP.....

Have a belkin F5D7632uk4A if thats any use

That aside, the Home Server is a cracking piece of kit, haven't been as impressed as this with anything for a long while
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No ... but I participated in the beta and was pretty impressed. When I've got the spare cash I am looking at getting an HP. I've been messing about with Ubuntu and BackupPC, but it's just not as seamless (or capable of backing up locked files) as WHS was.

How are you finding it in operation? Have you encountered the data corruption bug?
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Not encountered the bug so far, i've seen the list of applications that can cause the corruption bug so I will avoid them at the moment and from what i've read it does look pretty likely the fix for it will be released along with Power Pack 1 at the end of April.

Its great, it really did come straight out of the box, plug in and just work as it was meant to. The HP hardware is great, I slapped in another 500gb disk, just picked it straight up and added it to the storage pool.

Its quick to transfer files to and from, the backup facility is great and just works without bothering you, I like the Single Store idea too, where it only keeps one copy of a file thats duplicated between several machines.

The MediaSmart unit is nice looking, so very nearly silent and I love that you can turn the LED brightness up/down/off is great!

Just wish my router had worked properly straight away, have had an answer back from belkin that i'm going to try when I get home tonight, but really is very good.

from me for Home Server.
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Might well be worth looking in the forums at http://www.wegotserved.co.uk/ if you don't know the site already. Very professional and a comprehensive library of add-ins as well. It has a section specifically about routers that work with it and advice on how to configure ones that don't without any tinkering.
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Yeah i've had a look there, the router I have isn't specifically mentioned, but it certainly should be capable of it, has uPNP, can port forward, dmz etc.

Saw an article about how sometimes uPNP isn't correctly configured on the WHS and how you can add it yourself using regedit on the server. Will give that a try and the ideas that belkin have given me when I get home!
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I have just put a 180 day evaluation of WHS on a old athlon pc my first impressions are good.
Do you know if I pay for the full version and change the pc to a better spec if it will see the data on the drives out of the evluation server.

I understand it can be done with the evaluation server but what about with new hardware ?
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